Mission – AOJ Community Services is a non-profit organization that works with underserved youth who seek social services.

Our Story – AOJ was founded in 2020 amidst one of the most difficult pandemics this nation has faced in decades. Our staff is dedicated to giving compassionate, empathetic and holistic care to individuals who are most in need. AOJ is a grassroots organization that was founded by competent social workers who have decades of experience. We determined that too many gaps currently exist pertaining to servicing our most precious, the youth. We currently offer all of our services remotely (and make home visits if necessary via appointment) and have never turned down a client for a consultation because he/she could not pay. AOJ aims to raise enough money no matter how long it takes to eventually build our dream project the AOJ Community Center (providing academic programs and leisure center). Soon there will be a blueprint of the AOJ Community Center on our website! We understand that in order to truly assist the youth they need an actual environment where they can feel safe, be mentored, exercise and be amongst caring professionals. Currently we are providing resources mainly through donations. If you would like more information please contact us at info@aojcommunityservices.org. Thank you for all of our continued support.

AOJ Community Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Tax ID number 84-5011917